Friday, October 8, 2010

Does Networking Work?

Posted by Nina Robinson at Friday, October 08, 2010
Sometimes we feel challenged with networking. I'm too tired to go to this event , and talk to strangers and smile ,no one is calling me back, I'm not receiving any referrals and it’s more work to show up and sell myself to a bunch of strangers whom seem to be uninterested. I'm very shy and not comfortable speaking in front of others.

How many of us who are just starting out in the networking sector feel this exact same way towards networking. Many of us have many different perceptions toward networking, some bad and some good as I listed above. In order for our businesses to succeed, we must make an effort to join social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Foursquare and LinkedIn. Our second most interactive way of networking is actually going to these events and allowing people to know you're a real person, not just an image. Who can sell your product better than you? No one!

Going to networking events may open doors to new relationships and in turn referrals. I have a problem with speaking in front of people, so much so, that I would hire people to speak at presentations for me and end up having to explain my entire business anyways during the presentations. How silly was that? Well, I had like an anxiety of fear with speaking in front of people for years. I have gotten a lot better with this, so what I do now is read the newspaper before I leave, read something that seems to be profound and when I'm approached, I would bring up something from the news or something I read to keep the conversation going. This opens up the door for the person to say, "Nina, what is it that you do?"

Now, I can explain who, what, where and how!

I hope this blog will help some who feel networking isn’t for them, because it is for everyone who want the world to know about their business.


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